Redzone Resources

Fortner Boyd Lithium Property



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*Note: White markings are outcrops

Redzone Resources has located and staked an additional 173 lode claims at or near our Fortner & Boyd Lithium Property. This area increases the Company’s total land package by 3,574 acres and brings the Company’s total land holding to 200 lode claims totaling 4,132 acres.

In the process, the Company has covered two additional lithium prospects. These two prospects are the Ambly and Dove Claims.

Historical reports from the Arizona Geological Survey indicate that several rail car loads of lithium ore were mined at the Dove Claims (report 1980) and records from the Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS) indicate that Ambly was explored historically for lithium (report 1978).

The Company has also retained a local Arizona engineering firm, Engineering & Environmental Consultants (EEC), to assist it with exploration, permitting and other activities on its land package in. EEC has offices in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. The Company intends to immediately begin exploration work on these newly acquired claims as well as the eight other Lithium-bearing mineralized outcrops on the property to determine their economic potential.

The Frontner Boyd claims (also known as the Lucky Mica claim group) are staked in the name of Godolphin Mining Inc., an Arizona corporation. Godolphin and Redzone have entered into an option agreement whereby RedZone may acquire 100% of the Property, on the terms disclosed in RedZone's August 2, 2016 press release.

Highlights of the 43-101 report:

  • Sampling of the previously discovered Lucky Mica pegmatite body or dyke yielded grades as high as 7.5% Li2O from a spodumene rich pegmatite grab sample
  • Ten new pegmatite outcrops have now been identified throughout the Property, possibly indicating up to seven distinct pegmatite bodies
  • An independent sampling program conducted by SGS confirms the presence of lithium mineralization in these pegmatite outcrops and supports further work to target these bodies for potentially economic zones of lithium mineralization.

Prior to 2016, geological evaluation work by numerous companies included drilling and excavation and a shaft to approximately 10 meters depth. Recent work by RedZone has included geological mapping, grab and channel sampling.

A site visit of the Property was completed by Jean-Philippe Paiement, P.Geo. M.Sc. of SGS Canada Inc. in January 2017. The author conducted field inspection and sampling of the Lucky Mica dyke. Prospecting in other areas on the Property led to the identification and sampling of ten new pegmatite outcrops, possibly indicating up to seven distinct pegmatite bodies. The independent sampling program conducted by SGS at the Property confirms the presence of lithium mineralization in the pegmatite bodies and supports the targeting of these bodies for potentially economic zones of lithium mineralization.

Currently, no Mineral Resources or Mineral Reserves have been estimated on the Property.

Based on the surface mapping, sampling, and sectional interpretation of the Lucky Mica dyke alone, SGS has defined a target envelope tonnage for this body of between 330,000 and 551,000 tonnes to a depth of 60m with target average grades between 0.3% and 2.5% Li2O. Work to date indicates up to seven distinct pegmatite bodies on the Property, with most of the sampling and mapping to date focused on the Lucky Mica dyke, the first of these dykes to be identified. These additional dykes could increase the mineral potential to between 330,000 and 3.0M tonnes. The potential quantity and grade for this "Mineral Potential" estimates is conceptual in nature; there has been insufficient exploration to define a mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the target being delineated as a mineral resource. It should be noted that no recent drilling has been completed on the Property, which is necessary to delineate potentially economic grade and thickness intervals.

RedZone's exploration strategy is to target all of the pegmatite bodies identified on the Property and if successful would aggregate multiple zones of lithium mineralization to an economic threshold resource tonnage and grade.